Cucina con vista - Fine food with a view

Our Lodge is directly connected with the restaurant of the "Lake Como Hostel", that will give you the opportunity to taste some classic local cuisine and enjoy al fresco dining without blowing your budget.

The Lodge has a private kitchen where you can cook everything you want but, staying with us you will enter in a particular atmosphere that is created by our staff and our clients as well.

An Italian style breakfast is included in the nightly rates; however, we also offer the option of a cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner starting from €6 to €13.50 for a three course meal.

If you enjoy wine with your meal; our local wines come at €5 per litre. We have a licenced bar and restaurant, so please don't bring your own alcohol.

Saturday night in the Hostel is BBQ night with lots and lots of meat, bread, polenta or cous-cous for only €10.00

We also cater for vegetarians, celiacs and other special dietry requirements upon prior notification.

The Menu


Mixed salad - €3.50

Large Tuna salad - €6.00

Large salad - €6.00


Bruschetta Fresh Tomato & Garlic - €3.50

Bruschetta Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella - €4.00

Bruschetta Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella & Anchovies - €4.00


Marinara (Tomato & Garlic) - €5.00

Margherita - €5.50

Napoli (Anchovies) - €6.00

Prosciutto (Ham) - €6.50

Mushroom - €6.50

Ham & Mushroom - €7.00

Gorgonzola - €7.00

Grilled Vegetables - €7.00

Hot Salami - €7.00

Tuna & Onions - €7.00

Capers and Olive Pate - €7.00


Daily Specials

(Our chefs decide the daily menu on a daily basis) from €6.00

(1) First Course

(2) Second Course

(3) Dessert

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